Nature at Work

I love my job, not only because of the work I do, but because my company has a lovely amount of walking paths and ponds! I try to take advantage of a quick walk most days, even when it’s 90+ like it has been lately. It just is good for the soul. I’m totally shocked at the variety of birds and other creatures that I’ve seen while walking since I started here in February.

  • Mute swans (more on them in upcoming posts)
  • Trumpeter swans – super rare for this area, and I’ve seen several!
  • Other waterfowl (ducks, Canada geese, some migrating ducks in the spring)
  • Great Blue Herons, Green Herons, White Egret
  • Various warblers in May, many different songbirds, a certain Red-Winged Blackbird who would dive-bomb my head every day that I walked by in the spring
  • A very boisterous Mockingbird, whose imitations include a very convincing Seagull
  • Some kind of Cuckoo – I’ve never seen one before!
  • Snakes!
  • Muskrats

My walks never fail to amaze me! This Spring, there was a Mute swan pair who built a nest that sadly failed =( I plan to write a whole post on them sometime, complete with some pics from our “real” camera. I nicknamed the male “Jaws” because of his propensity to chase geese/ducks around the pond with his head outstretched parallel to the water’s surface. I’ll have to dig up the photos of him =)

A new Mute swan has arrived as of last week! Here is him/her hanging out with some waterfowl friends.


There are two other swans, a Mute and a Trumpeter, who seem to be best friends. I’ve nicknamed them “The Odd Couple”. They hang out together all the time, sometimes even standing on an abandoned nest together!

The Odd Couple

I feel so thankful that I have a workplace that encourages walking; just a few minutes of solace does the body (and mind) good!


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