St. John Vacation Recap – Day 2

We awoke to partly sunny skies on Day 2 – a welcome change from the pouring rain from the day before! After breakfast in the open air beach cafe, we took our camera and walked around the gorgeous hotel grounds. Tons of wild chickens roam around St. John, and I screeched when I heard some roosters “cock-a-doodle-do”ing from the trees (I have an unnatural love for chickens). Then, I screeched some more because of all the IGUANAS roaming around! They are just so prehistoric looking and cool. They get huge in St. John too!


The Westin grounds…beautiful! Can you spot the iguanas?

The Westin beach is nowhere near as beautiful as the north shore beaches on St. John, but it was still lovely to just float in the water! After the beach, we decided to take an island tour on one of the island’s famous open-air taxis. Our cabbie, William, was awesome! He explained the history of St. John to us while taking us around to all of the North Shore beaches. Here are a few pics:

Looking down at Great Cruz Bay and the Westin…notice the cacti!

Most of these people live on their boats! Love the tiny islands in the background.

We really want that house!

The ever-gorgeous Trunk Bay. We think this picture looks like a stock photo.

Us in front of Trunk Bay =)

Is this real??

Next, we stopped at the Annaberg sugar plantation ruins. The entire island used to be heavily farmed for sugar cane, and there are a lot of really neat plantation ruins left. William said, “You know how hot and sweaty you are right now? Just think if you were a slave and worked literally from sun up to sun down.” No wonder the slaves eventually rioted and killed all the plantation owners!

Us at the Annaberg windmill ruins.

More ruins.

My very favorite beach area: Leinster Bay/Waterlemon Cay. I love how the water looks here – like there’s always light playing in it.

Once we got back to the hotel, we ate a very late lunch, started uploading some photos to Flickr, and went to a casual restaurant in Cruz Bay for dinner. We then fell asleep to the sounds of St. John, including the Coquí frogs and lots of insects. I didn’t think I would, but I miss all those sounds!

Next in the recap series is: snorkeling at Cinnamon Bay!


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