The Indignant Bluebird

Is anyone familiar with “The Mad Bluebird”? It’s a fantastic photograph taken by Michael L. Smith.

Anyway, my fiancé and I love going birding at the metro park near us, which has a fantastic nature center and all sorts of great bird habitats. They’ve done a really nice job of putting up bluebird boxes, so we’ve see them nearly every time we go lately! A few weeks ago, we got the most incredible shot, which my mom has dubbed “The Indignant Bluebird”.

I just love this picture! Certainly one of the best that we’ve taken since we got our DSLR (Nikon D5100 if anyone is interested). Here’s the link to the rest of our photos.

Birding is a huge source of stress relief for me. I love being in the woods and listening to all of the magical songs. I always leave feeling so much more calm.

On an IBS related note, I ate really well and gluten-free yesterday, and today I still didn’t do well. So for dinner, I had a burger from Red Robin. WITH a bun. We’ll see how that turns out.

I just realized that this post was about birding, and that my dinner was from Red Robin. Clever.


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