After my last wheat-free attempt, I completely fell off the wagon. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I decided to try again, mainly because of all the BLOATING that I had been having! Many days, my stomach gets so distended that my pants get tight. It’s extremely uncomfortable, and very frustrating.

That being said, I’ve been on-and-off wheat-free for most of this year. At first, I felt FANTASTIC! I dropped just a few pounds, my stomach was flat, and my IBS seemed a lot better. Then, I changed not just jobs, but careers. I am an engineer by degree, but was extremely unhappy in my engineering job (hopefully more posts to come about that). I got a great opportunity to join a software testing team that recruits engineering graduates at a huge corporation, and I took it! It’s been great for my stress levels and my confidence, but just the stress of changing careers and getting used to my new daily routine wreaked havoc with my digestive system. Having a cafeteria (and a STARBUCKS!) in my building certainly didn’t help things, and I started eating a lot of wheat again.

All this backstory brings me to where I am now. I decided to start walking to lunch when I could, and even bringing my own some days. I’ve been very good about changing my diet to eating lots of rice, which is the only grain that doesn’t seem to upset me. (Fun fact: last time I got allergy tested, wheat, corn, and soy all showed up. Hooray! :|) And still, even with my much healthier and wheat-free diet, I’ve still been having IBS problems. It’s incredibly frustrating for me, and I’m toying with the idea of bringing some wheat back into my diet. I miss real pizza, I miss grilled cheese, and I even miss peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Oh, and subs. And cookies! Yes, I’ve tried tons of gluten free products, but they really just aren’t the same.

On that note, I actually did eat a ton of wheat one day this weekend. Pizza, pretzels, etc. It was wonderful! And honestly, it didn’t seem to upset my digestive system any more than rice and a salad. So, I may try to reintroduce these things.

Kind of a long update post, but I wanted to get my thoughts out there! I would like this blog to become a sort of personal journal of my symptoms, but that being said, I hope to also write more posts about what’s on my mind! I have tons of interests outside of helping my IBS, and I’d like to start writing about those more.

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