Welcome to Wheat Free Trixie! The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my attempt at eliminating wheat from my diet while trying to eat healthier in general. A little backstory about me:

I’m 24 and am currently attending college and majoring Materials Science and Engineering. If you’re like a lot of people and don’t know what that is, I basically study all materials (metals, ceramics, polymers etc.) and figure out ways to make them better. I (hopefully!) graduate this December. I’m currently an intern in engineering R&D.

Since childhood, I have had a wheat allergy, along with numerous other allergies. I spent years being tested for wheat allergies before finally registering a positive result on an allergy test a couple years ago. I also had a biopsy last summer to determine if I had Celiac disease, which was negative. I avoided all wheat from childhood until middle school, when we slowly started reintroducing wheat into my diet. Since it seemed to have no adverse effects, I began eating wheat regularly. I was so happy to actually have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, instead of just peanut butter and jelly in a tupperware container! I loved finally being able to eat pizza with the crust, instead of just the toppings.

When I began college I began to notice some digestive issues that only worsened when I switched to majoring in engineering. I started having periods of severe IBS over two years ago, and was “officially” diagnosed last year after my endoscopy. I was prescribed Bentyl, which has been incredibly helpful! MY IBS symptoms have diminished to the point where I don’t worry every morning about having to run to the bathroom several times with severe cramping. I am so thankful for the Bentyl!

Unfortunately, my IBS symptoms have not gone away entirely. I still have cramping some days, mornings especially, and have diarrhea occasionally. Lately I have been noticing how extremely bloated I feel! This got me thinking: what if the wheat is causing these symptoms? I’ve decided that I should try to go wheat/gluten free for a while. I’m sad to think of giving up the convenience of  things  like wheat bread, but I figure it’s worth a shot to try. Follow me on my journey to become wheat free!

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